For more information about the Deal Us In program, please see the questions below. If the answer to your question isn't here, check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) or SMART Programs Training Requirements pages. If you need more help, please contact us.

1. What is Deal Us In?

Deal Us In is a social responsibility training program that educates licensee staff at Alberta casinos and racing entertainment centres to recognize the differences between healthy and at-risk gambling behaviour. Workers also learn how to appropriately respond if someone at their facility appears to have a problem with gambling.

Deal Us In has two phases. In Phase One, you will learn:

  • How to do your duty of care and prevent foreseeable harm,
  • The importance of working as a team,
  • How gambling works,
  • To recognize the signs of healthy and unhealthy gambling behaviour,
  • Some gambling myths and facts,
  • About GameSense: How gambling and the games work, the odds and randomness of gambling and how to play for fun,
  • Facts about alcohol and intoxication and
  • The laws, policies and best practices that help you respond to problem situations at gaming facilities.

Phase Two explains how to respond appropriately to front-line staff referrals and conduct patron interventions. Staff also learn how to help patrons self-exclude from Alberta casinos and racing entertainment centres.

2. What are the benefits of having a Deal Us In certificate?

Deal Us In helps licensee staff recognize healthy and at-risk gambling behaviour so they are well-prepared to do their jobs in socially responsible ways. It also includes information about GameSense, a program that helps players make informed choices about their gambling. Learning about some of Alberta's gaming laws and AGLC policies helps workers provide safe, responsible service.

Workers who are well-trained and supported by their managers and supervisors make a difference. Programs like Deal Us In and GameSense promote informed decision-making, fun and healthy play and industry sustainability.

3. Who has to be Deal Us In-certified?

Deal Us In - Phase One:

Deal Us In Phase One certification is mandatory for all full- and part-time registered gaming workers and charity workers at Alberta casinos and racing entertainment centres. This includes:

  • All games and casino managers;
  • Casino facility licensee representatives;
  • Pit and Count Room supervisors, pit bosses and dealers;,
  • Directors and managers of security, security guards, surveillance managers and Monitor Room personnel;
  • Slot managers, supervisors and operators (attendants and cashiers);
  • Bankers, cashiers and chip runners and
  • Cash cage advisors and Count Room staff.

Deal Us In - Phase Two:

Deal Us In Phase Two certification is mandatory for casinos' and racing entertainment centres' registered gaming workers in the following positions:

  • All casino and racing entertainment centre managers, supervisors and
  • Security staff.
4. When do I have to be certified?

Workers requiring Deal Us In certification must be certified within 30 days of their employment start date or before the expiration date on their certificate.

More information about Deal Us In policies is in AGLC's Handbooks or Terms & Conditions and Operating Guidelines. Gaming legislation and policies are online at

5. Who does not need Deal Us In certification?

Deal Us In certification is not required for staff working full-time or part-time as:

  • Kitchen staff,
  • Bus persons,
  • Cleaning staff or
  • Volunteers.
6. What happens if I do not comply?

Deal Us In certification is mandatory for all full- and part-time registered gaming workers and charity workers employed at Alberta casinos and racing entertainment centres. Licensee staff must provide proof of certification at the request of an AGLC Inspector.

For more information, see AGLC's liquor and gaming policies at

7. What do I need to know after I'm certified?

Registered gaming workers with supervisory or security responsibilities must also be ProServe-certified. Other SMART certification may also be required.

Policy and program content may change after workers are certified. Licensee staff are responsible for reviewing program content and AGLC's policies to keep their knowledge current.

AGLC's liquor and gaming policies are online at

8. I have questions about my program and certificate. Where can I find more information?

See the Frequently Asked Questions and Contact Us pages, or contact SMART Programs:

Phone: Toll-free in Alberta at 1-877-436-6336, Mondays through Fridays, from 8:15 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.

Note: Our office is closed on weekends, statutory holidays, and December 24th through January 1st.

Fax: 780-651-7626, to the attention of AGLC SMART Programs.
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